Chanukah Appreciation Gifts

October 2021
Dear JDBY-YTT Parents, 
Although סוכות recently ended, the Women’s Division is busy thinking about חנוכה.  
חנוכה is a time for giving thanks to the רבונו של עולם for all the goodness He provides for us. As mentioned in ספרים, it is tradition at this auspicious time to show our הכרת הטוב to our dedicated Mechanchim and Mechanchos – those who give so much of themselves to infuse our children with תורה and יראת שמים each and every day. 
It is important that we show our schools’ Moros, teachers, administration, and staff how much we value and appreciate their dedication. We all know that gelt is one way – and a note to our treasured Moros, teachers, administration, and staff – is an additional way as well. This is the time to ensure that our schools know that their extra efforts during these unprecedented times are noticed and valued.  
Please look through these forms carefully. As in past years, the Rebbeim are not included in this program because the administration has concluded that a more personal touch is warranted. As mentioned above, a note of appreciation to a Rebbe (or Morah) goes a long way.  
There are two options to submit your Chanukah gifts: 
1. Filling out the forms on our updated and easy-to-use web portal. 
Please go to and follow the prompts. Payment on the portal is by credit card only. To ensure that our dedicated teachers receive the full benefit of your gift, there will be a $3 service charge per family.   
2. Filling out the paper forms and sending them to the JDBY or YTT offices. If you are filling out the paper forms, please make sure to read the instructions below carefully. Click here to view or download the paper forms, or if you would like a paper form sent home with your child, they are available at the YTT and JDBY offices. 
The deadline for paper forms is Monday, November 8, 2021. 
The deadline for the web portal is Tuesday, November 16, 2020.
Wishing you a חנוכה פרייליכן,
Mrs. Ereza Adler
Mrs. Rivkie Fishbane
Mrs. Jenna Handler
Chanukah Gifts Committee