Tidbytz Advertising

JDBY-YTT allows not-for-profit Mosdos, summer camps,  and after-school programs that service our students to advertise in the Tidbytz. Flyers are printed in color as part of the Tidbytz booklet and distributed to over 650 parents and staff members.


The weekly Tidbytz deadline is Wednesday at noon. Any flyer submitted after that point is not guaranteed to be included. Flyers will not be included without payment. Contact tidbytz@jdbyytt.org for Yom Tov deadlines.

File Formats

All ads must be submitted as a high resolution 8.5 x 11 camera ready PDF or JPG that is no larger than 750 KB in size. Flyers with crop and bleed marks will not be accepted. The Tidbytz booklet prints with ¼ inch (approx) white border, please keep this in mind when designing your ad. 


JDBY-YTT reserves the right to determine which flyers are suitable for Tidbytz. JDBY-YTT will not insert fundraising ads for mosdos that are not directly affiliated with JDBY-YTT. All events advertised must be in compliance with appropriate standards determined by the Vaad HaChinuch and appropriate for our student and parent body. All Advertisements are subject to executive approval.


Click here to pay for your ad online.

Contact tidbytz@jdbyytt.org for more details or pricing