Instructions for JDBY Live Remote Conferences

1. Dial any of the following numbers:
(217) 751-0992
(312) 878-6338
(773) 897-6338
(773) 945-6338

2. When asked for Conference ID, enter your conference ID and #.

** Please check your emails for the list of Conference IDs or contact the JDBY Office to request it again.

3. You may hear music until the teacher enters the class.

4. When the teacher enters the class, all students and the teacher will hear each other. This is called “Conversation mode.”

5. When the teacher puts you in “Presentation mode,” all students are muted and only the teacher can talk.

6. At the end (or in the middle) of the class, teachers may put you in question and answer mode. If you want to ask a question press *6 and you will be able to speak. The teacher and the entire class will be able to hear your question. When you are finished speaking, press *6 again to mute your phone.

7. To “raise your hand” during the call, press *5.

8. Students should be aware that the system automatically takes attendance and logs your entry time and the time that you hang up!