Picture Retakes

All students that were photographed at the initial picture day should have received their photo package.

For the students who were photographed but would like a “retake,” please have the student bring in the picture package as there is a bar code on the envelope for the photographer to scan into the system which will automatically reorder the students package with the retake image. For missing pictures, please contact Lifetouch’s Customer Service department at 630-910-6800

PLEASE NOTE: Any students that were absent on picture day will be photographed during picture retakes regardless of if a picture package is being purchased.

Picture retakes are scheduled as follows:

YTT: Tuesday, October 31
Start Time: 9:00 AM  End Time: 10:30 AM

Nursery: Tuesday, October 31
Start Time: 8:30 AM  End Time: 10:00 AM

JDBY: Wednesday, November 11
Start Time: 9:00 AM  End Time: 10:30 AM

Please consider these times when scheduling appointments for your children.

Additionally, if you would like to volunteer to assist during retakes and earn GOG, please email pictureday@jdbyytt.org or call 773-510-3832.


JDBY Parents:

Girls in Kindergarten-7th grade are asked to wear their UNIFORM BLOUSE AND UNIFORM SKIRT on picture day.
Girls in Kindergarten-7th grade who come on picture day not dressed in their uniform will not be photographed.
Only 8th grade girls may wear an outfit of their choice that conforms with the JDBY צניעות standards.
All girls’ hair must be pulled back with a headband or ponytail if it is below shoulder length.


The School Picture Committee | Jordana Weil | pictureday@jdbyytt.org